Thursday, 16 March 2017

Individual Blog Post #6: Protaganists-compair & contrast

The thing that is most same between “The House of The Scorpion” and “Gattaca” are that the protagonists are something that goes against what society deems is normal or good in the story, i.e. someone being a clone, someone pretending to be someone their not, or someone not being born in what is considered the natural way at the time that the story is set in. In both stories going against what is normal or what society accepts. Going against either of those things is considered a crime against nature or is a bad idea. A bad idea being that if they don't do what is the norm and is what’s being done by everyone else in society then it could have bad effects on them or the other people. 

The storylines of the books are also similar because they both include a character that has been born in a way that is different from the norm. In “Gattaca” the protagonist Vincent or “Jerome” was conceived and born the natural way. However, in the time he is born in scientists and doctors have figured out a way to make humans perfect. Perfect being they eliminate all the possibilities of illnesses that come naturally or genetically and can make them deliberately have perfect vision, strength, and other things like that. Vincent, however, did not get created in a lab the natural way and he was born the way most people in reality. The doctor tells the parents what illness he will have and that he has a heart disease and probably won't live beyond the age of thirty. In “The House of the Scorpion” the protagonist of the story Matt is a clone of a very powerful drug lord. The drug lords family thinks that clones are a freak of nature and that they are not normal humans, so Matt is hated and treated like and animal by everyone exact the people that care about him. The key similarities being that both of the protagonists are considered different and weren't created the “natural way”. 

 The characters both developed in the way that they new that they were different from everyone else. In the beginning of the story, they both didn’t like who they were, in the sense that everyone was telling them that they were different in a bad way and the protagonist is starting to believe them. Through out the story they protagonists learn to accept themselves for who they are and not to let what the antagonists of the story or just other people say affect them as a person or what they do. Around the end of the story, they try to make peace with the antagonist of the story, in “Gatatcas” case he has to accept the idea that since he was born the natural way he will not be as perfect as the people that were genetically modified to be better than a natural created human. In “The House of the Scorpion”s case Matt had accepted that he was a clone and that no matter what everyone else says about clones, they are the same as a regular human. At the end of the story the characters both accepted who they are as a person and learned to ignore what other people say about them and what the are genetically and they accomplish the goal(s) that they wanted to. Another key thing about both stories is that the protagonist needed someone to have as a friend that would help/support them in whatever they wanted to do. The friend supported them in any way the protagonist needed such as getting helping them out physically or emotionally. Both the protagonists needed to believe that they could to do it no matter what everyone else says or does and the protagonists couldn't have done it without someone to help them do what they wanted to do. 

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Individual Blog Post #5: Real Life Farm Patroll

Immigration is something that is an issue in the book and in real life. If someone is fleeing their country for some reason like a war or it is too overpopulated, and they have the proper documentation and identification then they can go into the country and get a citizenship and start a new life. If they are a refugee they might not have all the things that would be required to get in to sometimes countries take in refugees and they get to stay in camps and get sent supplies to survive off of until they can get the proper identification, citizen ship and can get a job and support themselves and if they have one they can support their family. In both situations' it usually has a happy ending because they entered the proper way. 

If someone is in a hurry or can not get through the border security then they will enter the country illegally, that is what Matt and Celia earlier on before Matt was born. If Matt hadn't left he would have bean capture or other turned into an eejit or killed by the Alacrans. He had to leave in a hurry but he couldn’t go through the border legal because then the Alacrans would have spotted him. He ran through the border illegally because he had no choice. He got caught by the farm patrol anyways and got sent to work in a factory because he had no parents and wasn't useful for anything else. 

This happening in real life is really unlikely, but what happened to Matt when he tried to run is the same as what would happen to an illegal immigrant in real life. They would be caught by the authorities in the book's case the farm patrol, in real life border security. The most likely thing to happen in the book and real life assuming the laws didn't change significantly in the future, you will either get deported back to where you came from depending on where you snuck into, or you would be sent to trial and punished depending on what sentence you get. Then if you face your punishment you can start your life over again and start living in the country legally. 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Individual blog post #4: Matts worldview

What elements of worldview are most influential to matt?

I think the worldview elements that most influences Matt are relationships of humans and nature and view of the good life. Relationships of humans and nature is the person justified in using the natural world for their own benefit like using natural resources. If a character in the book needs a resource from the natural world they are free to take it and use it however they like. View of the good life is negative or positive qualities of people highlighted in people. For example, a teacher that encourages a student to keep doing their best even though they may have failed at something.

In Matts case, he is a clone and wasn’t born the “natural way” so he is not considered a person or loving thing. According to a majority of the Alacrans if you are not a normal living thing then you shouldn’t get the same resources as a “normal person”. Matt is influenced by this worldview because he knows he is like a normal person and that he doesn’t go against the laws of nature or against god. He knows because he is self-conscious and that he is like every other person in the Alacran estate. Matt is trying to be a normal person be everyone else’s standards even though he knows he is a clone and will never be fully accepted by the Alacrans as a “normal person”. His view of humans and nature is different from the rest because he knows he’s a clone, but he will continue to live his life like a normal rich boy because inside Matt knows that he is like a normal person.

Matt view of the good life is different than his relationships of humans and nature because he is the clone of a very rich and powerful man so he can get whatever he wants and needs. El Patron treats Matt well and spoils him because he considers him like a son. He gives him whatever he needs such as medical attention, a good education, musilessonsns, and what aver he wants. Matt gets little emphasis on his accomplishments accept for the people who don’t despise him because he is a clone like Celia, Maria, and El Patron. From the beginning he was lucky because El Patron broke the law to have his mind not be erased and for him to grow up like a normal boy.

Individual blog post #3: Dig Deeper

If you are trying to determine if someone is good and evil at the same time then you will have to look at both sides of the story.  You will also want to look at what both the characters are like as a person in the book and determine would the character do something good or bad. Looking at both sides of the story involves looking digging deeper into what the at what the character did and how it affected the both the character and the other character.  

For example, in the book, Matt wants to make things up to Maria for what he did at the dinner but he can’t get a hold of her. To try and meet her he takes Furball and hides him, he leaves a note so that she would know where to look, then Matt could explain it from to Maria when she goes to where he hid Furball that he never meant to harm Furball and he ca apologize for what he did at the dinner. For Matt, this is a good idea because he will get a chance to make things right and he can apologize to Maria, But for Maria, she doesn’t know what Matt’s intentions are so she is worried about Furball, and when someone poisons Furball Matt is left looking like the evil one when all h wanted was to make things right with Maria.

In that scenario, Matt is being both good and evil because he was trying to make it up to Maria and do something that he thought was something that would be good for himself. He thought it would be good for himself and Maria but when someone poisons Furball Matt is left looking like the one who committed the crime and everyone thinks it was matt so everyone thinks he did it and has a negative effect on everyone else. In some ways Matt is the evil one because he took Furball without permission, he is left doing the wrong deed for the right reason but ended up having a negative effect not just Maria but most of the family because they thought it was Matt who killed Furball.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Individual post #2: Thoughts so far

In the book so far Matt has got out of the cell and is reunited with Celia and MariĆ”. I think that in the book Matt is out of the danger so far, Rosa was afraid/disgusted by him so she locked him in a cell and filled it with chicken litter. El Patron had heard about the way Matt was treated and he was furious about it. Since Matt is El Patron’s clone he is like his child so he will want to protect him. I think that El patron is being protective of matt for other reasons. Since he is a clone of a man who is really rich and powerful he will want matt to carry on what he is doing when El Patron dies. Since Matt is an exact clone of when El Patron was a child Matt will probably end up carrying on the family’s business of the opium farming.

Matt is hated by almost all of the family members because he is a “clone” and not a normal person. The only people that like him are El Patron himself, MariĆ” and the maid Celia. I think the family hates matt because the other clones of El Patron didn’t turn out and in the book it says “clone are brainless and mess their pants” so the family all thinks that Matt is another one of the clones that didn’t turn out and ended up “having their minds erased”, when in reality he was the only clone that survived. The Alacran family does not realize that Matt was a complete exact clone on El Patron. The family thinks that Matt is like a wild animal because other people have made clones and they turned out having something wrong with them, when a clone is born it is the law for them to have their minds erased so the clones can’t control themselves and do all of the things Tom accused Matt of doing.